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The Endless Summer is a musical duo from Graz, Austria, formed in the early summer of 2020. The band consists of Corina Mitchell (vocalist) and Mark Buckley (producer, songwriter). Their musical style is described as indie-pop, electronica and synth-wave.

Corina has been singing since she was 10 years old and has participated in numerous singing competitions.

Mark plays the guitar and has been recording music by himself for many years, meanwhile devoting more of his time to producing and writing songs.

Corina and Mark worked together on some songs years ago but never released them. In the early summer of 2020, they both felt the need to make music together again and write an album. They were very surprised that despite being family members, it was so easy, fuss-free and laid-back to make music and work on an album together.

Their music focuses on the daily battles of relationships, anxiety, depression and mental health.


March 2021


Our first full length LP. "Battles"



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